As well as providing an exceptional cleaning and maintenance service, City Indigenous Group believes that our core responsibilities includes protecting the environment, in addition to providing a fully sustainable service and as such is committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner, and encouraging others to do the same.


City Indigenous Group has developed an Environmental Policy which defines how we achieve a sustainable operation. The Environmental Policy assists us in identifying services and/or products that could have an adverse affect on the environment. Once identified, we develop plans to control or minimise the associated risk and ensure our business processes comply with relevant legislation, regulations and codes.

As part of our commitment to the protecting the environment and providing a fully sustainable service, City Indigenous Group reduces the amount of chemicals used in cleaning processes and ensure that any waste product is disposed of in accordance with environmental standards and industry best practice.


City Indigenous Group has limited its use of chemicals by using Purified Water Cleaning Systems and using biodegradable products. Using our Purified Water Cleaning System, we eliminate the use of harsh chemicals.

The water used in the Purified Water Cleaning System is low flow deionized water, which has all harmful minerals removed. Using De-ionized water eliminates the need for dangerous chemicals making our workspace environmentally friendly.

City Indigenous Group can clean up to 65 feet (20 meters) high by pumping purified water through specially designed extendable poles. As purified water does not contain any of the minerals that tap water does we can effectively clean your windows in an environmentally friendly manner leaving your windows streak-free and sparkling clean.